The Local (Boston, MA)
March, 1992
by Elizabeth A. Niewoehner

Four to the Bar came to the Green Briar in Brighton for three fun-laden performances over St. Patrick's weekend. Although their music was brandished with Irish tunes, they certainly cannot be stereotyped as traditional Irish ballad musicians. Staged behind a gleam of iridescent black lights, this quartet of Irish musicians from New York brought a spirited new twist to familiar old songs. The unique style of the group was energetically demonstrated by the eclectic performance of the wandering bodhran player, David Yeates. He s known to leap onto the bar without notice or play from far corners of the room, harmonizing by his remote adapted bodhran. Young Yeates, from Dunboyne, Co. Meath, also accompanies the group with his flute and whistle.

Martin Kelleher, originally from Cork, brings over a decade of musical talent to the band, after leaving home in 1980 and playing the Irish circuit in London with a variety of bands whose style ranged form country to folk to the blues. David Livingstone, from Monaghan, plays mandolin and banjo. He also has several years' experience in the London circuit. And finally, rounding off the group is Pat Clifford, a native of New York (although of Kerry descent) who plays the bass. At one stage during the Monday night performance, Erin Lis of Newton, MA, accompanied the band on a number of Irish traditional tunes.

The hilarity of this group is turning heads in Queens and the Bronx, where they are currently based, and I'd say also captured the attention of more than a few Bostonians on their recent visit. They are certainly worth watching for in future Boston gigs.